Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Tools of the Trade

Everyone has their own tips and tricks in the kitchen that help them get through a recipe faster or make cooking something a little easier. Here are just a few:

1.   Garlic Press - so fabulous!  Just put a garlic clove in (even with skin on) and just press it through the tiny holes. Does the mincing for you.  Even when recipes call for sliced garlic I use the press.  I mean really - who has time to slice skinny slivers of garlic??

2.   Kitchen Scissors - they cut pizza, meat (raw or cooked), veggies, fruit, etc.  So much easier than breaking out a knife and a cutting board - wouldn't you agree?  One day, my best friend, N, was over at the house for pizza and couldn't believe I was cutting it with scissors.  I couldn't believe she had never seen this done and I couldn't believe that she didn't have her own kitchen scissors!  If you don't have these, you must get them!

3.   Keurig Coffee Machine - I will be honest.  I was against getting this.  I used to brew a half a pot of coffee every morning.  And if I didn't drink the coffee, I would either (a) throw it out or (b) put it in the fridge for the next day (because I am cheap).  Then my husband bought me the Keurig for my birthday.  And I fell in love.  It is so easy to use.  So easy to clean.  Best. thing. ever.

4. - but you already knew this :)

What are your tools, tricks and tips?

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