Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tuesday Edition: Kitchen Tip

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I finally went to the library last week with the Toddler.  We've been there before, don't get me wrong.  It's just that we haven't been there in awhile since I've been embarrassed to show my face.  I've been embarrassed because I lost my library card!  And I was a little scared that the librarian would reprimand me when I asked for a new one.  So I avoided the situation and just didn't go to the library.

But since the Toddler loves the library, and since I do too, I decided to put on a brave face and go in.  And ask for a new card. 

It was no big deal!

So I got my new card and I was able to take out a bunch of books and magazines to read on my vacation.  I grabbed some issues of bon appetit magazine. I didn't even know about this magazine.  But now I love it!  It has great pictures, yummy sounding recipes, and has a "skills" section that teaches you things.  I'll have to subscribe!

In the July 2011 issue bon appetit has a tip on how to keep basil fresh: trim the stems of the basil, stick the bunch in a tall glass of water, loosely cover the basil with a plastic bag, and keep it on the counter.  Basil doesn't like the cold, so don't put it in your fridge.

Great tip bon appetit!  How do you store your fresh herbs?

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  1. that's a great tip....especially as I thought it had to go in the fridge....I will never do that to my poor basil again...lol! great blog....and thank you so much for coming by mine!

  2. Oh no! I've been putting my basil in the water AND into the fridge, no wonder it never lasts. Great tip!!

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    I look forward to reading more from you!

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