Monday, August 15, 2011

Coke is it!

I typically do not drink soda (or "pop", depending on where you come from!).  But I make an exception every now and again.  And when I saw Bon Appetit's recipe for Muddled Cherry Syrup, which you can add to Coke to make a cherry Coke, I had to do it!

So here it is - a homemade cherry Coke!

Muddled Cherry Syrup
recipe via Bon Appetit Magazine
1 lb fresh cherries, stemmed and pitted, or frozen pitted cherries, thawed and undrained
1 C sugar

Using a muddler or potato masher, smash cherries and sugar in a medium bowl to release juices. 

Stir in 3/4 C hot water.  Let stand until slightly cooled, stirring occasionally, about 30 mins.  Cover and chill.  Can be made 1 week ahead of time.  Strain syrup before using, reserving cherries for garnish.

For cherry soda:  fill glass with ice. Pour 3-4 T of syrup into glass. Fill with cola.  Makes 1 serving.

how cute is this Coke bottle?
What's your favorite soda?  Do you drink it everyday?

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  1. My husband is the pop drinker in the family. Coke is the only thing he drinks. This is a fun recipe. Bet it tastes great!

  2. Now that looks great! I would be adding mine to Sprite. :)

  3. I drink water about 99.99% of the time, but when I'm not, there are few things better than a Cherry Coke! And I'm loving this DIY version - yum!


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