Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tuesday Edition: Kitchen Tip

"Cheeseburger Casserole" Uploaded to Flickr by lynn.gardner
 We have new neighbors right next door.  Well technically they aren't too new since they moved in this past January.  But they are the newest people on our block.

They are out in their yard quite often and the Husband and I always say hello and we typically spend about a half hour chatting about things.  So we decided to actually invite them over, inside our house, this past weekend.  I just made some BBQ chicken and a salad and the neighbors brought these extremely delicious potatoes.  They said they were just steamed and topped with butter and fresh parsley, but I swear there was a secret ingredient because they were so good!

Anyway, the neighbors brought the potatoes over in a fancy casserole carrier.  And even though we didn't eat as soon as they got over, the potatoes stayed so nice and hot until we did actually eat! 

I don't have one of those fancy carriers, do you?  If so what kind do you have?  Because I might have to invest.

In case you don't have a fancy carrier, here is what I do (and what Better Homes) recommends: prepare your hot foods in the dish you are going to serve it from.  Cover the dish with a double layer of foil.  Then, wrap the dish in one or two (in my case I use three) clean kitchen towels.  This should keep the dish and food warm until you get to your friend's house.

If you don't have a casserole carrier, how do you keep your dishes warm when traveling to a BBQ or pot luck?

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  1. We never take food anywhere because everyone comes to our house! In fact, my husband's best friend buys some of the food to bring over for my husband to cook ~ and then takes home the leftovers ;)
    Yeah, my husband can cook anything...
    But I would love to get a cute casserole dish -- let me know if you find a good one!

  2. I got one of those carriers for my wedding and have never used it :) The last couple of times I have taken something hot I have taken a crockpot or hot plate. Most of the time for functions I take desserts or non-perishables because I am so worried about things getting cold!


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