Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tuesday Edition: Kitchen Tip

"Hot Cocoa Cubes" uploaded to Flickr by lizzybeans11
 I knew you could use ice cube trays to freeze stuff (other than water).  But my experience had been limited to fresh herbs and pesto frozen in cubes to be thawed out and used at a later time.

Then I read my latest issue of Taste of Home magazine, which had a really pretty picture of an ice cube tray (couldn't find it online) filled with all sorts of stuff?  Did you know you could freeze yogurt?  I didn't.  What about chipotle peppers?  Had no idea! 

Besides pesto and herbs, here are a few more things that can be made into cubes for later use!  What else do you freeze using this method?
  • Chopped onion - freeze chopped onion in water and before cooking, thaw and drain
  • Chipotle peppers in adobo sauce - thaw and then puree
  • Yogurt - blend a few cubes with juice to make a smoothie
  • Tomato paste - use cubes to add to sauce
  • Wine - put a cube or two into sauces
And, of course, you can use ice cube trays for a number of other things besides freezing stuff.  The picture above linked me to a post of Hot Chocolate on a Stick!  Yum!


  1. I love using ice cube trays to freeze things. Its very easy and takes up very little room in the freezer, great tip!

  2. That is an awesome idea! pesto would also be a great addition.

  3. I'm like you and usually just use ice cube trays for pesto and herbs. Freezing chipolte in adobo is a great idea because I always use one, put the rest in the refrigerator, and then later on end up throwing it out.

  4. Oh, those cream puffs look so tasty! I love the candy corn cookies. We freeze a lot of stuff too, but I've never tried chopped onions. That sounds handy.

  5. These are all great ideas - thanks for sharing! I want to try the yogurt one soon!


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