Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tuesday Edition: Kitchen Tip

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I love eating corn (on the cob) in the summer.  Don't you?  Last summer I went to the little farm stand down the street from me and would get my corn there.  Sadly he didn't open this year, so I have been stuck getting corn at the grocery store.  It's been pretty good, but not the same as freshly picked from the farmer's field!

I usually boil my corn in a big pot of water on the stove.  But I know there are lots of different ways to cook corn.  My favorite is grilled!  How do you cook your corn?  Do you add anything to the corn after you cook it?  Depending on its taste, I might add a little butter.  The Husband is a purist - he adds nothing!

I found a great tip in Good Housekeeping magazine about how to cook corn so the annoying silk comes off easily.  Here's there tip: keeping the husks on, rinse 4 ears of corn and microwave them for 7-8 minutes on High, turning over half-way through.  When the ears are cool enough to handle, peel off the husks and silk!

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