Monday, September 5, 2011

Super Easy Peach Dump Cake!

As I have confessed before, I am not a very good baker.  I really don't know why I am not a good baker.  Maybe it is because baking requires following recipes exactly.  I am more of a "add a pinch of this" and "use enough spice to cover the chicken" type of girl when I cook.  So maybe that is my problem . . .

Anyway, there is no way you (or I) could screw up this cake that I made yesterday for a BBQ at my mom's house.  Yes, the name is not very pleasant sounding.  But, the taste makes up for it!

Easy Peach Dump Cake
1 1/2 (28 oz) cans of peaches in juice
1 pkg of yellow cake mix
5-6 pats of butter

Pour peaches into a baking dish (I recommend a rectangular dish.  Maybe 13x9)

Dump the cake mix on top of the peaches.

Place pats of butter on top of the cake mix.

Bake at 350 F for about 30 mins or until top is bubbling and starting to brown!

I recommend serving warm with ice cream!! 

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  1. I love dump cakes - they're just so easy!

  2. Oh my gosh that looks so divine! I will try this soon. Thanks for sharing the recipe, I always love finding new recipes. Cooking helps keep Abby occupied (she has a hyper issue).

  3. I have never heard of dump cake! This is great!!! Even easier than the add a can of diet soda trick. :)

  4. That looks so good! Yes, I would definitely need ice cream. We used to make something similar in a dutch oven when I was in college. Many years ago. (sigh)

  5. This cake look so interesting, love the dump idea!


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