Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday Edition: Spooky Finds!

Hi there!  Happy Friday.  I hope you get to go out and do some fun fall activities this weekend like pumpkin picking or apple picking.  We did some of that last weekend.  This weekend the Husband will be going out to buy his first snow blower!  He is so excited.  AND it may even snow here next week (just a dusting) so he is even more excited that he will be able to remove the dusting of snow with his snow blower!

As for me, I am not excited about the snow.  I am just happy cooler temperatures have arrived and that I can wear my boots and comfy sweaters.  I am also excited about decorating the house for Halloween and making the Toddler's Halloween costume (she'll be Mickey Mouse!). 

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays - I love everything about it.  Dressing up, free candy, you name it.  And I love finding everyone's crafty recipes, decorations and costumes in blogland.  You guys are really crafty!  So let's get to the spooky finds . . .

SPOOKY FIND NO.1: Eye Ball Cake by Big D and Me

Image via Big D and Me
How awesome is this cake?  Jennifer says that it is simply a boxed cake mix baked in a soccer ball cake pan and then covered with icing.  How crafty is that?  Actually, Jennifer is very crafty and blogged about her Halloween party and showcased some more of her spooky food.  Definitely check it out. And while you are there, stop by and see her kitchen art wall - it is one of my favorite gallery walls!

SPOOKY FIND NO.2: Goblin Bait by Texas Cottage

Image via Texas Cottage
I was drawn to this recipe for two reasons: (1) the pretty picture and (2) I had never heard of Goblin Bait before.  There is a reason I had never heard of this recipe - Sallie told me that she had adapted a Bunny Bait recipe by changing the M&M colors and adding candy corn.  And in a flash of creativity, Sallie came up with the cool name!  I love it - and I love the addition of candy corn.  Check out Sallie's 31 Days of Autumn Recipes, which is going on right now.

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  1. Thanks for highlighting my cake - happy haunting!

  2. Thanks for featuring my Goblin Bait! I'd love for your readers to check out my other autumn recipes. I've been cooking and baking like crazy.

  3. Love the eye-ball cake, my boys would love it! Autumn is my favorite time of the year, I love anything pumpkin and I do tons of baking :)

  4. This Goblin Bait looks amazing!!! Yummy in my tummy :)

  5. Both recipes look great! So much fun for the Halloween holiday. :)

  6. Thanks for visiting me! Love that eyeball cake. Happy Halloween month!

    -caroline @ c.w.frosting

  7. That eyeball cake is great and I know my kids would gobble the goblin bait. Me too. :)

  8. I'm so making both of these!! My kids will love it. New follower from the hop, hope you can stop back by:


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