Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tuesday Edition: Kitchen Tip

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Eggs have always been a favorite of mine and the Toddler's.  The Husband - eh, not so much.  But ever since we started eating Paleo, he has started to eat eggs for breakfast.  The poor guy really doesn't have a choice since his only other option is eating leftovers from the night before - he can't have his beloved bagels, waffles or cereals. 

I usually eat eggs for breakfast.  Apparently the Toddler likes to eat hard boiled eggs for lunch when my mom comes to watch her during the week.  I love hard boiled eggs, but always get so frustrated in peeling them - you know, when you take off the shell and half the egg comes with it?  So annoying.

Fresh eggs are harder to peel than older eggs.  I had heard this before, but then I saw something in Country Living magazine that confirmed it.  It is also recommended to peel right after cooling the eggs, and to peel the egg starting at the largest end while holding the egg under cold running water!  Who knew?

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  1. The best way (I've found) to peel eggs is to boil them, cool them, and then stick them in the fridge overnight. For some reason, the next morning when they're cold they are so much easier to peel - the shell comes right off!

  2. Even if the eggs are just a week old, they peel so much easier. I think the white has a chance to shrink a bit away from the inside of the shell. :)

  3. I put a tablespoon of salt in my eggs when they are boiling and the shells come right off.

  4. I LOVE eggs, but I can't get on board with hard boiled. Except to dye pretty colors for Easter. ;)


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