Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday Edition: Yummy Finds

I hope you have a fun weekend planned!  I will be going to visit family in New York and going to a bridal shower on Sunday.  There are usually some yummy desserts at showers, so I am hoping that I will be able to indulge this weekend.

To get my sweet tooth ready, I am dedicating this edition of Yummy Finds to desserts!  Excuse my drool...

Chocolate-Caramel Bars
Source: Family Circle Magazine


source: Martha Stewart


  1. Wow, those look excellent.

    You asked about my running. I've been injured, so I didn't have any choice but stop for a bit. But things that help motivate me are to read magazines (like Fitness, Runners World), read other blogs about running, watch movies or shows centered around fitness, and to belong to a running club. Good luck w/ your comeback - you can definitely do it!!

  2. Oh gosh I totally need to unpack my kitchen and bake. Drool!

  3. I love anything Barefoot Contessa makes. Those treats look divine!


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