Monday, June 6, 2011

Tofu Garden Pizza

With all the yummy desserts I featured last Friday, I felt I should post something a little healthier for Monday! 

I did have a great time at the shower.  I got to see friends and Godchildren.  What is better than that?

Of course there was great food.  It was a brunch (I love brunch) and there was delicious chicken Marsala, yummy fruit and to-die-for raspberry cheese blintzes.  If that wasn't enough, there were some yummy desserts too - fresh cake and homemade chocolates.  AND - best of all - homemade chocolate covered Oreos.  I ate waaaayyyy too much.  But it was so good!!

So in honor of getting back on track, here is a quick healthy pizza that you can whip up on the grill.  This will make enough tofu for 2 pizzas and then 2 wraps for the next day.

Tofu Garden Pizza
1 pkg extra firm or firm tofu, pressed and sliced
1/3 C vinaigrette salad dressing (I used lite Caesar, but you can use what you prefer)
2 Flat Out Healthy Grain flatbread (you can use pizza dough or prepared crust, whatever you prefer)
1 ripe avocado, sliced and cubed
2 heaping handfuls of baby spinach
1/4 C vinaigrette salad dressing for "sauce" on pizza (use as much or as little as you want)
1/2 C grape tomatoes, cut in half
sliced or crumbled goat cheese (as much as your heart desires!)

marinate tofu in the salad dressing for as long as time permits.  (thankfully I remembered to do this early, before dinner time!)

After marinating, discard extra marinade and grill tofu until desired doneness - usually about 3-4 minutes on each side.  Slice or cube the tofu into smaller pieces.

Grill the flatbread on one side for a few minutes, flip over and add sauce.  Top pizza with toppings, including the tofu.  Close grill cover for 2-3 minutes to let cheese melt and spinach wilt. 
pizza and extra tofu grilling

Remove from grill, and your pizza is done!

It came out so yummy!  But what I loved even more is the wrap I made with the exact same ingredients the next day.  Instead of grilling, just place all the ingredients on the wrap and wrap it up for a sandwich for lunch. Yum!!!

And yes, I only made 2 pizzas, but all three of us ate dinner.  The Toddler does love tofu and she ate half a pizza, all the time saying "tofu good taste!"  The Husband ate the other half of the pizza and then went to play hockey.  He doesn't like to eat too much before a game!

Do you have any good pizza recipes that would make a good wrap for lunch the next day??  If so, please share!

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  1. i seriously love this! except for the goat cheese. because well. i'm lactose intolerant. and bam. we've just bonded.

    i usually make my pizzas without cheese. and dude. tofu sounds awesome. just like you. and me. yay!


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