Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tuesday Edition: Kitchen Tip

"Pizza" uploaded to Flickr by Seth W.

I love making homemade pizza.  But I refuse to make my own dough.  I have never done that, but it seems to be too time consuming.  I need fast.

There are different types of pre-made dough at the store - from the one in the tube to the ones that the bakery makes fresh each day and you just have to stretch it out.  The tube one is okay.  And it is fast.  I don't get along with the pre-made ball of dough from the bakery - no matter what I do, it never stretches.  It just ends up like a slightly flattened ball.

There are also pre-made pizza crusts - the Boboli and what have you.  They are tasty - but expensive and sometimes high in calories and fat.

So instead, I have officially adopted any type of flat bread as our pizza crust. My favorites include: store made Naan bread (It's thin, it's light.  I can grill it or I can put it in the oven.  It is perfect!), Flat-Out flatbread, and for smaller pizzas - pitas! 

So my tip - instead of the usual high calorie, high fat, pre-made doughs and crusts, try any type of flat bread for your next pizza!


  1. I buy pizza dough balls in bulk from the little restaurant at Sam's Club. I just stick them in the deep freezer, and thaw out on days I want to make pizza. So easy!

  2. I've never made pizza dough-I'm with you-too time consuming & I'd probably screw it up! We now use pitas exclusively. Everyone gets to make their own, so everyone is happy. And I LOVE how they get all crispy on the edges!


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