Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday Edition: Yummy Finds

I don't know about you, but this week has dragged for me.  I mean, it felt like the never-ending week!  And usually when I am busy my days just fly by.  But not this week.  Maybe it was because there is so much anticipation about what is going to be happening soon?  The first big thing is that my nephew may be born today (or maybe tomorrow - who knows!).  The second big thing is the PGA golf tournament that is in our area this weekend.  I can see the blimp from my house! 

My in-laws always come for the PGA tourney.  The Husband and the FIL go to the course while the Toddler, the MIL and I go shopping.  This year we are going to go shopping and start setting up the MIL's on-line store.  She makes some really cool tote bags out of plastic grocery bags. 

So in honor of the parties and celebrations going on at my house, I thought I would find some festive drink recipes to share:

First up is a Passion Fruit Hurricane from Taste of Home magazine.  It looks really refreshing, doesn't it?  In addition to passion fruit juice it has two different types of rum!
Passion Fruit Hurricanes Recipe
Photo Source: Taste of Home
This next one I found on Martha Stewart's website (of course): Pink Gin Fizz.  It just looks so pretty and I do happen to like gin in the summer!

Photo Source:

What are your favorite summertime drinks?


  1. I'm with you on that this seemed like the never ending week! Those drinks look AMAZING! I'd love to check out the totes that your MIL will have on her online store!

    I'm not sure what my favorite summertime drink is...but will love to explore that one by sampling a few! Have a great weekend. I really enjoyed your post!

    Mommied Life by Cynthia | My Life as Mom



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