Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday Edition: Yummy Finds

Hi there!  Long time no see.  My absence this week can be explained in four words: the Toddler is sick.  We're staying home from work and daycare today.  Hopefully she'll feel better so we can have a fun weekend.

I hope your week is going better than mine and that you are having gorgeous fall weather!  Are you all decorated for Halloween?  I hope to do some of that today. 

Speaking of Halloween, I have some yummy Halloween-ish treats for you! 

YUMMY FIND NO. 1: Pumpkin Cream Puffs by Bits and Treats

Image via Bits and Treats
Don't these pumpkin cream puffs look great!?  Pretty much any thing with "cream puff" and "pumpkin" in its name would get my vote.  Over at her blog, Betty walks you through the steps on how to get such perfect puffs, and she's shown some really cute ways to display them at your Halloween party.  While you are over saying hi to Betty, be sure to also check out her chocolate-pumpkin cake  and strawberry vanilla cake pops!

YUMMY FIND NO. 2: Candy Corn Sugar Cookies from So Domesticated

Image via So Domesticated
Ohmigosh, how cute are these cookies?  These would be perfect favors at a Halloween party.  Emily walks you through, step by step, on how to make these cuties.  Emily has a great blog, and has shared some really great fall recipes (like this Monster Munch Popcorn Balls).  She also has some really cute craft ideas!  I hope you can stop by and say hi!


  1. Thank you so much for the feature! I really do appreciate it!

  2. Why is it that I LOVE anything candy corn shaped or that candy corn is included in??? Thanks for your comment on my blog, and so glad to hear that the toddler is feeling better! It is NEVER fun when they don't feel well.

  3. Tasty. That's the only version of candy corn I'd ever eat!

  4. I'm with Lisa up there - this is probably the only way I'd eat candy corn :) However fall offers so many delicious desserts, I don't miss out!


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